The price of dental implants varies greatly? How to take advantage of it improperly

Why is there such a big price difference for dental implants? My dental implants are far away, is it because my doctor is not skilled? Faced with dental implants, do you have any questions but don’t know what to do? Let the doctor tell you what procedures, What to watch out for!

According to statistics, 300,000 dental roots are implanted in Taiwan a year, and the dental implant rate is known as “the world’s first”. Some people speculate that the reason may be that the marketing ability of dental material suppliers is too strong, so many teeth that originally did not need implantation, finally, Dental implants were also removed. Therefore, when many people have missing teeth to be filled, they inevitably face a battle between heaven and man before choosing a dental clinic.

What are the procedures for dental implants? The procedures for dental implants are nothing more than:

  1. Tooth extraction (or open the alveolus at the missing tooth position and make up bone powder)
  2. Implant the root and wait for the wound to heal
  3. Fasten the tooth to the root of the tooth.

It takes longer to complete dental implants than traditional dentures, and the process is not necessarily smooth, because there may be individual differences in each link or problems that need to be waited and overcome.

The key to the success of dental implants involves the perfect integration between the implant and the bone. Even if medical treatment improves, the root material is improved, and the implant technology continues to improve, it is still necessary to wait for the human autologous wound to heal. This is why the dental implant process sometimes becomes difficult. Long and complicated reasons.

Do you really need dental implants? Comprehensive assessment with multiple opinions

The world’s earliest successful dental implant case was completed 50 years ago. At present, about 80% of the practicing dentists can complete almost all of them independently, from oral surgery to denture fabrication or implant treatment. Proficiency, different doctors will put forward their own opinions and experiences. If it is difficult to decide whether to use dental implants or restore tooth function by traditional bridge building, you may wish to discuss with different dentists, listen to various opinions, and make a comprehensive evaluation before doing Decide.

Check the periodontal condition first, then carefully evaluate the implant

Before implanting a tooth, it is best to go to the periodontology department for an examination to evaluate whether the periodontium in the area to be implanted is healthy? Is the bone tissue suitable? If there are too many defects and they are not filled, the resulting dentures will be ugly), or even the periodontal of the entire oral cavity must be treated to prevent the dental implant from failing.

Each person’s treatment time is different, don’t be quick

It is also a dental implant. The entire course of treatment will vary depending on the patient’s own dental conditions, and the treatment content and duration will vary. For example, if a preliminary periodontal treatment must be done before dental implantation, in this process, dentists will how to treat it initially with the endodontic probe and discuss it may be possible to observe the periodontal treatment after the end of the treatment. During the period, the doctor will wait for 3 months. After confirming that there are no other problems, the doctor will start to implant the patient. Therefore, the patient must have enough patience to face the treatment.


The situation is different from patient to patient, and you must not compare the length of treatment of others with yourself, or force the doctor to shorten the course of treatment. When encountering a doctor who promises to be faster and better than others, the patient should be more vigilant, so as not to blindly seek quickness and harm himself.

With the improvement of medical standards, in the past, alveolar bone surgery required at least 4 to 6 months for the wound to heal. In recent years, due to the rapid development of materials, it only takes about 2 to 3 months of observation to confirm that the gum growth is in good condition. The problem is: this requires a lot of conditions and materials, not just the doctor or the patient. In the final steps of implant prosthesis manufacture in the laboratory, the assistant will place the instrument of face bow in dentistry on the patient front face to copy the denture data for the next procedure of cad cam dental crown milling. The implants prosthesis are produced by a technician, technician will also send the feedback to the clinic working together to confirm the implants dentures are calibrated. The excellent dental technician should be talented and smart in denture production and know how to handle every dental lab equipment and tool, such as dental caliper properly in a good manner.

Some patients require speed and timeliness, and do not care about the subtle differences after the implantation is completed; there are also patients who strictly require all the details, functions, and aesthetics of the implantation results. Therefore, it is difficult to tell a fixed time for the implantation procedure. It can be said: the more precise the work, the more urgent the time. It is best for the patient to reach a consensus after consultation with the doctor.

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