four side effect of uneven teeth

Nowadays, there are more and more people with uneven teeth. In addition to congenital factors, it is more importantly caused by acquired factors. Some bad oral habits and some reasons during tooth replacement can easily lead to uneven teeth.

uneven teeth before and after

Misaligned teeth are very harmful, and the adverse consequences mainly include the following aspects:

  • ONE

Affect the development of the oral cavity and face: If the dental and jaw deformity during the growth and development of children cannot be corrected in time, it will affect the development of the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity and the face, causing obvious facial deformities. Such as covering the sky, opening lips and showing teeth. Dental deformity affects the beauty of the face the most intuitive, such as covered in the sky, open lips and teeth, and mandibular deviation will greatly reduce the overall image of a person. Some teenagers are ridiculed by classmates or friends because of their unsightly teeth. They develop a sense of inferiority and seriously affect their mental health. For adults, missing teeth can also affect social interaction.

  • Two

affects oral health: malformation of teeth such as irregular teeth, poor self-cleaning effect of teeth, and poor brushing effect, food residue and plaque are not easy to remove, and it is easy to suffer from dental caries, tartar, Oral diseases such as gingivitis can develop into periodontal disease in severe cases, causing teeth to loosen and fall off.

  • Three

Affecting oral function: Some dental and jaw deformities may affect oral function. For example, the pronunciation of the anterior teeth is unclear; the contact area of ​​patients with reverse occlusion and locked occlusion is smaller than that of normal people, and the mastication efficiency is greatly reduced; deep overbite will affect the movement of the mandible and make the joints of the mandible. -The temporomandibular joint moves abnormally, causing pain and fatigue of the facial muscles.

  • Four

Impact on whole body health: the reduction of chewing function caused by malformation of the tooth and jaw will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, and over time can cause indigestion or gastrointestinal disease; dental caries, gingivitis, gingivitis caused by malformation Oral diseases such as periodontal disease can induce systemic diseases such as myocarditis and nephritis when the body’s immunity is weak.

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