What’s the matter with more pain after wisdom teeth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is more painful due to surgical trauma. It may be in a strange location and difficult to remove, such as buried wisdom teeth and horizontally impacted wisdom teeth. The operation takes a long time and it is accompanied by the limited opening of the mouth, and it will hurt to open the mouth. The pain will be there soon after the extraction. The mild patients usually take anti-inflammatory drugs, and the severe ones need to be injected. For example, patients with poor physique will feel more discomfort after surgery.

What if the socket is more painful 4 days after the extraction?

  1. It shows that the bacteria in the alveolar socket grows and infects the alveolar bone wall, causing dry socket. The pain not only does not get better, but intensifies, exudes a foul odor, and has a feeling of emptiness, which will spread to the head and ear temporal. Radiation, so the pain gradually increased.
  2. To deal with dry socket, it is necessary to go to the hospital to clean the wound, remove the infectious substances in the socket, then rinse and disinfect, put in iodoform gauze, and promote the regeneration of granulation tissue. In order to avoid the entry of residues, it is best to sew a few Needle, the inflammation will heal.

What are the ways to prevent dry sockets of wisdom teeth?

  1. Blood clots will form within two hours after pulling out. You cannot spit or suck the wound, otherwise it will be destroyed. It can block the residue from entering and recover faster.
  2. If it is difficult to remove, the wound should be remembered to reduce inflammation. If it is easy to remove, the wound will slowly subside if the wound is small, so don’t worry about it.
  3. After the panoramic film is taken, if the wisdom tooth is difficult to extract, the minimally invasive extraction can be done as much as possible, which can reduce the surgical trauma.
  4. The wound needs to be sutured, and if it cannot be absorbed, the sutures are removed after a week, and the wound will heal spontaneously if there is a small blood clot.
  5. After 24 hours, you can brush your teeth, use kinjilan mouthwash, and rinse after meals to reduce inflammation and inhibit bacteria.
  6. Take an ice pack to reduce swelling, and change the teeth on the other side to chew food.

But don’t worry, ordinary wisdom teeth are generally extracted, and the pain will not be more painful after extraction, which is related to the difficulty of individual extraction.

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