The gums are receding, the roots of the teeth are about to be exposed, and the tooth is sore when brushing. How to save it?

Tooth pain comes from exposed dentin. Eating cold and hot contact will make nerves sensitive. If you want to save it, you have to look at the cause. Generally, you are used to brushing your teeth horizontally, which will cause defects near the root. There are also problems of the gums, such as periodontal disease, root lengthening, The soreness is more obvious. In addition, the calculus is removed after teeth cleaning and the gums recede. At this time, the gums can no longer grow back, and they will continue to be sore. Of course, there is also physiological gum recession, which is related to age and belongs to the normal reduction in the height of the gums.

How to solve sore teeth?

  1. Like tooth neck defect, in addition to correcting the way of brushing, the gap at the root has to be filled. After blocking, the dentin will not be exposed. For gums, the dentin can only be covered by surgery. When periodontal disease Once controlled, moderate or severe atrophy can be treated with guided tissue regeneration.
  2. It is recommended to take care of mild atrophy. Regular cleaning of teeth can avoid deterioration of atrophy, or brushing anti-allergic toothpaste, which can block dentinal tubules and inhibit nerve transmission. If the pain is unbearable, there are many desensitization methods, such as fluoride Protective agents, adhesives, laser desensitization, etc., the best effect belongs to laser desensitization, and it will not recur.

When the dentist operates on this dentistry restoration, the necessary equipment of dental lab sandblaster, dental lab vacuum systems are a must from dental technician operates on the dentures according to dentist delivery request.

How can I prevent the gums from receding?

  1. There is very little periodontal ligament left. Inflammation caused by periodontal disease must be controlled first, then periodontal systemic treatment is required. Tooth cleaning is the most basic. With less food, the gums will no longer shrink and the soreness will be much better.
  2. However, pay attention to the recurrence of periodontitis. You should check regularly and wash it once every six months. The atrophied area is prone to plaque accumulation. It must be cleaned with dental floss. The atrophy deepens, the more the root is exposed, the third degree loosening of the tooth, and it will gradually fall out.

Therefore, if the gingival recession is relatively mild, the inflammation should be controlled first and then desensitized, and the teeth with dentin defects should be filled in time. Importantly professional dentists handle this dentistry health issue great done, the modern dental clinic equips with the latest technology of dental equipment and tools of dental loupes with light, dental burs, bonding materials.

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