What is the best denture for the elderly? Why are dental implants not recommended?

General dentures are divided into implants, fixed dentures, and removable dentures. As the age increases, the alveolar bone resorption is also fast, and the bone condition is not so good. There will be too many removable dentures. If only one tooth is missing, you can choose a single tooth. Removable dentures, but should be cleaned in the morning and evening to avoid irritation of the gums. If multiple teeth are missing, it is also suitable for movable dentures, and the restoration threshold is lower.

Why are the elderly not recommended for dental implants or fixed dentures?

  1. Mainly considering the physical condition of the elderly, dental implants cannot be done casually. First of all, there should be no other systemic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, etc., which will affect wound healing, and the height of the alveolar bone must meet certain requirements. The bone volume, otherwise how to fix the implant.
  2. In addition, age will also cause the gums to shrink, and the implants are not tightly combined with the bone, which can easily cause the implants to loosen or even fall off. Although you have bone graft surgery, the implants are not used for so long, and fixed dentures are repaired. To wear down two healthy teeth, a lot of enamel is lost.

What should be paid attention to when installing removable dentures in elderly patients?

  1. Removable dentures can be removed and worn freely, and at the same time food residues will remain. Be sure to brush them after meals, including morning and evening. Do not wear them while sleeping, soak them in clean water, and use cleaning tablets to sterilize them regularly.
  2. When wearing, it should correspond to the position of each tooth, and do not bite at will to avoid hurting the teeth.
  3. It is normal to have a strong foreign body sensation and increased saliva just after wearing it. If you insist on wearing it, you will not be able to adapt. If the gingival mucosa is damaged, you can use kinjilan mouthwash to anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
  4. It has to be replaced with a new one after 5 years of use. If there is damage during the period, it should be repaired in time. If it is not replaced, the gum recession will be more serious.
  5. Considering the appearance of the anterior teeth, resin glue can be used to support them. For the posterior teeth, stainless steel support is recommended.

Therefore, elderly patients have degenerated bodies and limited oral conditions. It is best to install removable dentures for easy cleaning.

Necessary dental equipment and supplies produce dentures for patients: dental laboratory benches and dental lab steamer.

The dental laboratory benches are the equipment to finish and polish the cobalt chrome fixed denture or acrylic denture etc.

The dental lab steamer removes the denture surfaces dust etc.

With the advanced CAD/CAM Dentistry technology, the fixed denture can be customized and produced in a short time from the material of multilayer pmma disc, titanium dental blank, etc. The dental lab outsourcing resources is essential, as the manufacturing denture in the laboratory will be applied to the patient.

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