What are the pros and cons of teeth scaling?

The advantage of teeth scaling is that ultrasonic waves break the calculus, and they can also cooperate with sandblasting to remove various tooth stains on the tooth surface. In addition to preventing periodontitis, teeth can also treat gingivitis and periodontitis. After the control is stabilized, the bleeding of the gums has improved, and the bad breath is much better than before. If diagnosed early by the dentist using different types of dental scaler tips, periodontal disease has a chance of reversing. If left untreated, it can lead to more severe chronic inflammation later on.

What are the disadvantages of teeth scaling?

  1. The scope of its cleaning is limited to the supragingival. As a basic periodontal treatment, if there is periodontitis with deep periodontal pockets, the scaling of the teeth is generally not obvious for the inflammation to subside, and the calculus under the gums has to be cleaned again. , requires an ultrasonic scaler with a thorough cleaning.
  2. After teeth scaling, the calculus covering the surface of the teeth, the neck and the root of the teeth is removed, which may expose the sensitive dentin, which may lead to sensitivity and pain when eating hot and cold sour and sweet foods, which requires desensitization treatment. After cleaning, the teeth become loose, the gap between the teeth becomes larger, and the plaque is more likely to accumulate. If it is not cleaned in place, it will aggravate periodontal disease.
  3. If the disinfection equipment is not in place, it is also easy to cross infection. You must go to a regular clinic or hospital for tooth cleaning.
  4. Improper scaling will make the teeth dirty faster. For example, the sound of the equipment is very loud when cleaning, and the time is too short to pay attention.
  5. After teeth scaling, the calculus covering the teeth is removed, and patients with severe periodontal disease will have loose teeth, but this is conducive to the recovery of the gums. Tooth extraction, but this is not the loosening of teeth caused by scaling, but the consequence of severe periodontal disease.
  6. The gap between the teeth has become a lot larger. In fact, it is caused by the extrusion of dental calculus. Usually, you should brush your teeth lightly with the correct method to remove food residues.

How much does tooth scaling cost?

  1. Most of the teeth cleaning is 50 usd. It depends on the amount of dental calculus. It is more difficult to clean up. If it takes a long time, it will be very expensive. If the periodontal is healthy, it should be cleaned once a year. For patients with periodontitis, tooth cleaning After that, I have to go again to do root planing.
  2. After scaling, there is polishing to make the tooth surface smooth and inhibit the formation of dental plaque. In addition to the subsidence of inflammation, it can also help the teeth restore their true color. If it is sandblasting, the cost of tooth cleaning is higher than that of ordinary cleaning. After all, the operation One more step.

On the whole, teeth scaling is a treatment and prevention method for oral diseases. As long as you go to a regular clinic or hospital, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Suggestion: For patients with bleeding gums, more calculus, more cigarette and tea stains, periodontal redness, and bad breath, receive basic periodontal treatment as soon as possible, and insist on cleaning their teeth every six months. The cleaning process takes about 30 minutes to an hour. Only regular cleaning can prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease.

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