Tooth extraction or conservative treatment?

Of course, it is conservative treatment. After the teeth are extracted, dentures have to be installed. No matter how you chew, the real teeth are not good. You can repair them as much as possible. Generally, doctors will not pull out your teeth at will. Although the teeth are rotten, there are still teeth. If root canal treatment is available, as long as there is no inflammation in the root, there is a way to leave the affected tooth. Conventional single crown protection can also be used for piling retention if there are many defects.

Does the pain lessen after tooth extraction?

  1. Tooth extraction is very simple, it is easy for dentist use the dental elevator kit to remove the wisdom teeth, but you do not know the consequences of the extraction. One less tooth can cause the alveolar bone to be absorbed. After many years, the adjacent teeth are inclined and loosened, or even fall off seriously. The opposite teeth are elongated, and after tooth extraction If it is not repaired for a long time, the opposing teeth lack the strength to resist it, and elongation may occur. The longer it is missing, the more it may elongate. If the elongation is severe, the repair space may be lost. Generally, the repair method does not wear down the teeth after extraction, and only wear removable dentures and implants.
  2. However, the foreign body sensation of movable dentures is strong, which is easy to cause gum recession. There are many dental implant systems, and the choice will be limited due to the high cost. At the same time, the chewing feeling is not as good as real teeth, so tooth extraction is really a loss. , the best conservative treatment.

What exactly is the conservative treatment?

  1. In fact, it is root canal treatment. When the pulp of the tooth is infected, there are many defects in the tooth, and you feel that you cannot be saved, root canal treatment will pull you, at least the nerve of the diseased tooth will be removed, but the tooth will lose its source of nutrition. There is no feeling anymore, and many patients hesitate.
  2. When you decide to keep the root canal, the success rate of the clinical root canal has reached 90%, which means that you will have one more chance to retain the real tooth after treatment. You must trust your doctor’s technical ability. After the root canal is completely repaired, Chewing with periodontal ligament is completely different from the experience of dentures.
  3. For complete root canal treatment, it is best to go to a regular medical institution to find a specialist for treatment. The doctor uses the standard operation of the root canal treatment instrument to completely remove the infection in the root canal and then seal the root with a material with good biocompatibility. tube to avoid re-entry of infection. After root canal treatment, X-ray shows that the root canal is filled in place, and crown restoration can be considered after no clinical symptoms.

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Cherish your real teeth, and don’t pull out every rotten tooth that you hope to keep.

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