Temporary crowns have been worn for a month, but the roots of the abutments are discolored. What should I do with all-ceramic zirconia teeth?

The discoloration of the abutment after the root canal is normal. The tooth body loses the pulp and has no source of nutrition, and it will gradually turn gray. Of course, the brittleness will also increase. When the temporary braces are removed, an all-ceramic crown can be installed. No, after bonding, the crown can not only protect the internal abutment and prevent food residues from entering, which is equivalent to a vacuum state in the crown and can also restore normal chewing.

What are the risks of not wearing all-ceramic zirconia teeth?

  1. After root canal filling in some patients, it is not long-term to install only temporary crowns. For example, if the tooth has a large defect, the simple filling is not protected, and it is easy to crack in less than a year or two. If the root of the tooth is cracked, there is no treatment meaning and it has to be pulled out.
  2. If you wear metal porcelain teeth, you must exclude nickel-chromium alloy materials. This metal is unstable and can also stimulate gum inflammation. It is recommended to use cobalt-chromium alloy materials, but it is less beautiful after installation. It is suitable for posterior teeth restoration. MRI scans can also be affected.

What should I pay attention to when wearing all-ceramic zirconia teeth?

  1. Porcelain teeth are recommended for the restoration of anterior teeth, with good permeability, and zirconia all-ceramic teeth are recommended for posterior teeth, which have high hardness and wear resistance. Generally, they are single all-ceramic crowns, not three connected together, unless inlays are required. , There is no gap after installation, and the abutment inside will not rot normally.
  2. However, if you chew for a long time, the crown may become loose. If there is a gap, you have to replace it with a new all-ceramic tooth to avoid caries of the abutment. All-ceramic teeth themselves also have a service life. You can change it every year, don’t bite hard food.

Therefore, the discoloration of the abutment teeth means that there is no pulp. As long as the all-ceramic zirconium teeth are tightly bonded, the food residues are cleaned with dental floss, and the maintenance and cleaning are good, it is enough to check it once a year.

The dentist should work with the modern equipped dental laboratory, as the powerful cad/cam dentistry technology operated by the dental techician will have a great effect on the final zirconium teeth for patient. More over the dental lab technician should handle the tools of dental wax carving instruments, dental wax heater accurately for producing the most suitable denture.

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