What is the truth about dental implant

What are dental implants?

The development of technology has brought good news to people, such as the advent of dental implants. At present, dental implants are a very popular project and are widely sought after by people. Implanting anterior teeth is a technical activity that requires a professional implant doctor to operate. So, what is a dental implant?

Dental implants are also called artificial dental implants. They are not really planted with natural teeth. Dental implants are made of pure titanium metal, which is highly compatible with human bone, through precise design and made into a cylinder similar to the root of the tooth. Other shapes are implanted in the alveolar bone of the edentulous area by a small surgical operation. Because of its non-destructiveness, dental implants have been recognized by the stomatology community as the first choice for the restoration of missing teeth.

Advantages of dental implants

  1. The teeth after dental implant restoration are stable and reliable.

At present, many regular hospitals do dental implants, and they use pure titanium implants with excellent biocompatibility, which can be rooted in the patient’s mouth like real teeth. Virality and stability.

  1. The teeth after dental implant repair have high chewing efficiency.

The masticatory pressure of the restored teeth can be directly transmitted to the patient’s alveolar tissue through the artificial root, so the chewing efficiency is greatly improved compared with traditional dentures.

  1. The teeth after dental implant restoration will not damage the adjacent teeth.

The repaired tooth can be fixed by its own artificial root, so it usually does not cause damage to the patient’s healthy adjacent teeth.

  1. Tooth after dental implant restoration is also beneficial to prevent the resorption of alveolar bone.

Because the artificial root of the dental implant is deeply implanted in the patient’s alveolar tissue, it can form a functional stimulation effect on the alveolar tissue of the affected tooth, and can effectively prevent the atrophy and absorption of the alveolar bone.

Necessary dentist dental tools maybe needed

There are many dental implant systems in the dental supplies market, dental suppliers offer a complete set of dental implant kits for different systems of dental implants available. When implant zirconia restoration cover for implant prosthesis is ready made in clinic or laboratories, zirconia polisher dental tools should be applied for the final aesthetic effect on implant dental zirconia crown.

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