Many ways to whiten teeth-Why Stars only love tooth veneers

Sitting on hundreds of lipsticks, you should have allowed the lens to focus on your lips and laugh arrogantly, but why are you still smiling so secretly? After diagnosis, your teeth are not white enough, which affects the charm of your smile!

Family time

Dare to ask everyone looking at the white and glowing teeth in the whitening toothpaste advertisement, do you feel envious, almost thinking that you can brush your teeth at home and your teeth can become so white. Tooth powder? toothpaste? Not very useful!

teeth whittening advertisement

Many teeth whitening products have scrub particles and slightly acidic chemical components. The slightly acidic hydrogen peroxide can remove stains on the surface. However, these products have basically no effect on the endogenous deep stains of teeth. That is to say, for family teeth whitening, the effect of whitening the color and luster is minimal.

Dental hospital professional and efficient

In the entertainment industry, celebrities do not rely on toothpaste or paste to whiten their teeth. Instead, they directly “change teeth”, which is what is called “restoration” in professional dentistry. “Tooth veneers” are the new favorites of stars.

Tooth veneers, the overall change, new beautiful teeth!

A new dental restoration material has been launched in those days,a dental zirconia blank product features of Vita 16 shades colors and Bleach shade,Multi layer,Super translucency in nature for anterior aesthetic has been achieved successfully!

Tooth veneers are also a kind of tooth restoration,like porcelain dental crowns,but compared with dental crowns, tooth veneers do much less damage to the teeth.Tooth veneers only need to grind off a very thin part of the tooth surface, then take the mold and make a customized veneer and bond it to the tooth surface.

Multi layer dental zirconia veneers can complete the change of a tooth from color to surface shape. For problems such as uneven color of teeth and slight cracks, dental veneers can successfully make restoration of teeth.

Choosing the shape and color of your own is the biggest advantage of zirconia teeth veneers. In fact, the ultimate goal is to make the teeth look more beautiful. But if you only change the color, the effect may not be satisfactory. You can choose the color, you can also choose the shape, within the scope of the least wear, you can change to the greatest extent!As the zirconia veneers teeth is produced by the advanced cad cam dental technology.

cad cam dental zirconia veneers teeth

Of course,your own choice also requires expert opinions and checks.When making dental veneers, professional anterior aesthetic restoration experts will help you choose the right color according to your occupation, skin color, and overall condition of the teeth. You also need to adjust the shape of your teeth and the smile line according to the curvature of your smile and face shape. .

After finishing the dental veneer, it is recommended to conduct a review every six months to a year, check the occlusion, and regularly wash the teeth to ensure the life of the dental veneer and to maintain the best condition of the dental veneer for a long time. With proper care, tooth veneers will have a permanent shelf life, and you can love you for a lifetime!

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