The essence of how to turn jealousy into motivation

Jealousy and hurting others? This can turn jealousy into motivation to move forward!

Jealousy is a very common psychological state that almost everyone has experienced, especially young people under the age of 30. The younger you are, the stronger the jealousy is. Men are often jealous because of differences in career development, and women are jealous because of differences in appearance. Nowadays, social competition is fierce and social resources are scarce, which makes people prone to jealousy. Moderate jealousy can find the gap between oneself and others and promote one’s progress, but excessive jealousy can induce various negative effects.

What problems can be caused by excessive jealousy?

  1. Induce anxiety and depression

I often feel that I am worthless and inferior to others in all aspects, but I am powerless, which leads to negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, which can lead to a variety of diseases in the long run.

  1. to produce destructive behavior

Jealousy can easily lead people to have thoughts of destroying the happiness of others. Due to emotional instability or excessive extremes, this dissatisfaction is transformed into hatred, and thus regrettable behaviors are made.

  1. Affect work and life

Living in jealousy for a long time will make you feel unhappy in doing anything, and will also reduce work efficiency and quality.

How to improve jealousy?

  1. Learn to divert attention

The brain capacity is limited, and when jealousy arises, try to shift your attention to other things. If you are jealous because of work factors, you may wish to take leave for travel or rest, and stay away from the work environment as appropriate. As the attention shift time prolongs, the jealousy will gradually fade away.

  1. The family guides them correctly

The family members analyze the gap, make an objective evaluation, find out various reasons, and guide people to solve the problem head-on.

  1. Find your strengths

Looking at jealousy correctly, this is the most common psychological state, and it is also a normal reaction to self-motivation. In addition, learn to look at problems from multiple perspectives, work hard to discover your own strengths and strengths, and build self-confidence. There is no such thing as perfect people in the world. Some people are deficient in some aspects but successful in others, so jealousy should be eliminated.

Kind Tips

Although jealousy can induce various negative effects, it is not useless. Because of the pursuit of positivity, and then discovering the gap between yourself and others, you should learn to attribute jealousy, find your own weaknesses and deficiencies, find scientific solutions, and make jealousy the driving force for progress. In addition, as people grow older, people become more rational in self-awareness and self-judgment and understand what needs to be enjoyed and what is useless for jealousy, which weakens jealousy over time. All in all, the more you understand yourself, the more you are willing to resolve your jealous emotions, which will benefit your physical and mental health.

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