How did dental calculus “grow” out?

Dental calculus is also called calculus. It is generally “grown” at the junction of teeth and gums. The formation of dental calculus is gradually calcified and hardened from food residues and soft dirt. Many people carelessly think that calculus is part of their teeth. As time goes by, dental calculus accumulates and causes a series of oral diseases.

Stomatology professional believes that there are three main reasons for dental calculus:

  1. Regular consumption of some foods containing more sugar and calcium will accelerate the formation of dental calculus
  2. Did not master the correct method of brushing teeth, and did not have good oral cleaning habits.
  3. The oral environment is not optimistic, and the arrangement of teeth is uneven, resulting in clean dead corners.

If dental calculus accumulates, it will first produce a bad smell in the mouth. After brushing your teeth, your breath is still not fresh. It may be caused by dental calculus. Dental calculus is formed by the calcification of food residues and oral secretions. It is itself a “stone with an odor”. “. Secondly, periodontal disease is also inseparable from dental calculus. Once a dental calculus is formed, it will sit on the gums and continuously stimulate the periodontal tissues, causing inflammation and shrinking of the gums. Food residues and bacteria are more likely to accumulate, and oral diseases become worse. After dental calculus is calcified, it is equivalent to rooting in the oral cavity to establish a basis for survival. As time goes by, it accumulates more and more, the slope is thicker, and gradually develops toward the neck, forming a more and more invisible and more terrifying sub-colloid stone. Calculus gradually spreads downward from the crown, and the alveolar bone shrinks as the calculus progresses. Over time, the teeth gradually loosened and the stones gradually spread to the roots. When more calculus accumulates under the gums, the gums no longer protect the roots of the teeth, and bacteria infect the roots of the teeth. At this time, the calculus is cleaned away, and the roots are exposed. The teeth are in danger. Do not clean them until the periodontal tissues are completely destroyed and only the tooth can be extracted.

After all, dental calculus is caused by incomplete cleaning. The first step to prevention is to brush your teeth carefully. The problem of cleaning dead corners of teeth also has its own reasons. Some people are because of the wrong method of brushing their teeth. Mr. Oral recommends that if the teeth are not aligned properly, they should be corrected in time. Only when you have healthy teeth can you prevent dental calculus from the source.

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