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The fact is why Zirconia teeth are popular all over the world!

Advantage of zirconia in dentistry restoration

Once, a person was in a deep coma due to a craniocervical injury and needed an MRI before the operation. It was found that her teeth 4 and 5 were metal crowns, which affected the quality of MRI imaging and needed to be removed. However, due to tracheal intubation, she could not go to the dental chair. , This can suffer the patient, the doctor has worked hard…

This case has attracted the attention of many dentists!

Because obstructing magnetic resonance = unable to save lives in the first place!

Every second counts!

Therefore, when the majority of dental patients choose to do metal braces and all-ceramic braces, most doctors will suggest that materials that do not affect MRI, CT, and X-rays should be selected.

A reliable choice-zirconia all-ceramic teeth

Today, I will explain to you all about zirconia all-ceramic teeth.

Why is it recommended to make zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth

For a long time, porcelain teeth have been a fast and effective way to restore teeth.

However, the metal ions of metal porcelain teeth can cause adverse reactions to the human body, such as blackening of the gums, bleeding, and shrinking of the gums…

Due to the existence of the metal inner crown, the light transmittance, color, and shape are quite different from those of natural teeth, and it will produce a bluish-gray effect under the light.

At the same time, metal porcelain teeth are unstable under the action of bacteria in the acid-base environment of the liquid oral cavity, and there is a certain interference from metal when doing CT MRI.

Therefore, the dental medical community has been working hard to change this state. At present, the international dental community is popular in a new type of porcelain tooth with no metal inner crown-zirconia all-ceramic series.

The edges of the metal porcelain teeth are black ▼

Zirconia all-ceramic teeth are more natural ▲

​Is zirconia safe?

The zirconia used in medical and dental applications has an excellent performance in terms of biological safety.

Over the years, a large number of experiments and clinical cases have proved that zirconia has no toxic damage to bone and soft tissue cells, and no allergic reactions have been reported.

Zirconia is sometimes mistaken for a type of metal

This is to confuse the chemical concepts of metal elements and metals. Zirconia is not zirconium metal or zircon. Although it contains metal elements, it is oxide ceramics. This is like the difference between sodium chloride (the chemical composition of table salt) and metallic sodium.

Some people worry about whether zirconia is radioactive

In fact, zircon derived from zirconia requires multiple steps such as purification and powder processing, and all impurities are removed during the processing.

The State Food and Drug Administration standards have strict standards for all-ceramic materials on the market, and they can be used as medical materials only after they meet the requirements of radioactive experiments.

And there are not only requirements for zirconia, but also for decorative porcelain, alumina, glass ceramics, etc., the same radioactive qualification requirements.

Experiments show that the radioactivity of pure zirconia powder is not only lower than that of glass-ceramics but even lower than that of human bone tissue.

​Is zirconia restorations have a high rate of porcelain collapse?

A large number of studies have shown that the incidence of porcelain collapse of zirconia is not as high as that of traditional porcelain restorations. Studies have found that the collapse of zirconia mainly occurs inside the porcelain rather than the interface between the porcelain and the zirconia base crown.

There are three main reasons for the occurrence of porcelain collapse:

The bottom crown shape is poorly designed, and part of the surface is decorated with too thick porcelain;

The temperature is not controlled according to the standard when the porcelain is sintered, such as rapid cooling;

The doctor did not perform the reasonable treatment after adjusting the jaw, such as re-glazing and sintering, or standard three-step polishing… These are all necessary steps. (The above three reasons can be avoided as long as you choose a regular hospital and an experienced doctor. You can rest assured!)

What are the excellent properties of zirconia?

Low radiation

Zirconia is a kind of mineral that exists in nature as oblique zircon. Medical zirconia has been cleaned and processed, leaving a small amount of alpha-ray residue in the zirconium, and its penetration depth is very small only 60 microns.

​High density, high strength, no metal inner crown

The unique resistance to rupture and strong curing performance after rupture can make porcelain bridges of more than 6 units, which solves the problem that all all-ceramic systems cannot be used as long bridges.

Although there is no metal support, it has high strength, the refractive index is basically close to the natural tooth, the edge is dense and the precision is high, and it has an excellent aesthetic effect:

Zirconia ceramics are yttrium-stabilized zirconia ceramics with high bending strength. Currently, the strength of materials registered in China has reached 900MPa, while the national dental material standard is 100MPa.

Compared with other all-ceramic restoration materials, the strength of zirconia material allows doctors to achieve extremely high strength without too much abrasion of the patient’s real teeth. Among them, Vita all-ceramic plus yttrium stabilized zirconia is more effective. Known as ceramic steel.

Excellent aesthetic effect

The successful all-ceramic tooth restoration looks realistic and beautiful, strong and wear-resistant, similar in color to natural teeth, has good biocompatibility, does not irritate the oral tissue, and is easy to clean. It can restore the function of the tooth and has a cosmetic effect.

The main thing is that all-ceramic teeth have good transparency and refraction, and there will be no black lines on the neck of the tooth so that the neck of the tooth can also achieve a good aesthetic effect, which is unmatched by ordinary porcelain teeth.

​Strong reliability

There is no metal odor, and it will quickly produce a micro-oxidized film when it comes in contact with air, water, or any other electrolyte, which not only avoids metal corrosion but also prevents the generation of metal odor.

In addition, the non-metallic zirconium dioxide does not block X-rays. As long as the zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth are inserted, there is no need to remove the dentures during head X-ray, CT, and MRI examinations, saving a lot of trouble.

​Good biocompatibility

Zirconium dioxide is an excellent high-tech biological material with good biocompatibility, which is better than various metal alloys, including gold.

Zirconium dioxide has no irritation to the gums and no allergic reaction. It is suitable for oral cavity application, avoiding the allergy, irritation, corrosion, and other adverse reactions caused by metal in the oral cavity.

​High quality

Zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth are not only expensive because of their materials and equipment, but also because they are made by the use of today’s advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning, and grinding by computer programs.

It ensures the accuracy of the intra-mold crown and excellent edge tightness so that the porcelain tooth made is very close to the patient’s oral abutment, which greatly reduces the incidence of radiculitis after restoration.

In addition to the higher price, zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth do not have any obvious disadvantages compared to all other similar restoration methods.

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