The pits and fissures are closed, have your child’s teeth put on this “little raincoat”?

Pit and fissure sealing is a technique to improve the effective antibacterial ability of children’s teeth. The use of pit and fissure sealant is a non-invasive way to prevent dental caries. A layer of viscous resin is applied to the surface of tooth cavities and cracks to form a protective barrier, shielding cariogenic bacteria and acid metabolites, and preventing the occurrence of pit and fissure caries in children. Children’s deciduous molars have deep pits and fissures, food residues and bacteria tend to stay in the pits and fissures. In addition, the children do not master the correct method of brushing their teeth, their conscious cleaning ability is poor, and their parents’ awareness of oral health is low, resulting in a higher incidence of dental caries in children. high.

Most children do not have the awareness of tooth protection. Parents need to guide their children to develop good oral cleaning habits, educate children to pay attention to dental health, and take their children for oral examinations. Even deciduous molars should be put on the pit and fissure seal in time. “Little Raincoat”.

At what age is the appropriate age for pit and fissure closure for children?

3-4 years old, deciduous molars grow out: Most parents believe that the children will change their deciduous teeth in the future. It does not matter if they have dental caries. In fact, the growth of deciduous teeth will affect the development of permanent teeth in the later period, and may also affect the jaws. Facial development and poor permanent teeth are not caused by “natural”. Maybe deciduous teeth determine the future development of permanent teeth.

6-8 years old, the first permanent molars grow out: the surface of the first permanent teeth will have deep pits and cracks. At this time, permanent teeth are most suitable for the closure of pits and fissures to avoid the growth of dental caries in time.

11-13 years old, the second permanent molar erupts: the second permanent tooth fully erupts, parents should also take the child to seal the pit and fissure as soon as possible. Prevention is better than treatment. Early prevention can prevent the child from filling cavities. , Root canal treatment and even tooth extraction.

Remind yourself to also educate your children, “love your teeth” and pay attention to oral health from today

  1. Effectively brush your teeth twice a day.
  2. Advocate the use of fluoride toothpaste.
  3. Healthy eating protects teeth.
  4. Regular oral inspections.
  5. Do not get pregnant with oral diseases.
  6. The child’s oral health is the responsibility of the parent.
  7. Carry out pit and fissure sealing for school-age children.
  8. Missing teeth should be repaired in time.

Laboratory dental equipment for prosthesis production:

  • dental polishing lathe


  • Dental Polymerizer Cooker


  • dental sandblaster machine


  • Dental Spot Welder


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