Can orthodontics thin the face?

Orthodontics can not thin the face

In fact, sometimes through the method of orthodontics,even the advanced self-ligating braces treatment, you can only whiten your teeth and become more beautiful, especially when you smile, it feels very good-looking, but this method does not help to thin the face Effective, so patients should not mistakenly think that this method can thin their face.

whitenning teeth with thin face

Many people want to thin their faces, so by pulling out their wisdom teeth, there is no direct relationship between growing teeth and the shape of a person’s face. Therefore, pulling out wisdom teeth can only effectively prevent periodontitis or gum swelling and pain. Other diseases have not played a role in beauty and face-lifting.

In fact, some people may have a fatter face after their wisdom teeth are removed. Sometimes the face-lifting method through the beauty of teeth can only have a certain counter-effect, and it has not achieved the visual aspect. A certain face-lifting effect, so don’t believe the rumors in the process of face-lifting.

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