Tooth whitening avoids these three misunderstandings

Misunderstanding 1:

Experts remind you that some people often use tooth bleaching effect products in order to maintain the whitening effect. Although the safety factor of household tooth bleaching power products is relatively high, the concentration of carbamide peroxide It must be controlled below 20%. If the concentration of bleaching agent exceeds 30%, it will cause tooth soreness, regular use or even necrosis of the tooth nerves. It is important to avoid quick success and quick gains for the duration of teeth whitening.

cold light teeth whittenning

Misunderstanding 2:

Whitening can be done once and for all Experts remind you that it is best to have your teeth checked and cleaned every six months. But dental health must start every day. Especially those who smoke and like to eat coffee, strong tea and other highly pigmented foods must brush their teeth or gargle after meals. In addition to removing the residue in the teeth, the pigment can also be removed in time, which can maximize teeth Duration of effect after whitening.

Misunderstanding 3:

Think that dental disease has nothing to do with whitening teeth. Experts remind you that periodontal health is the key to the duration of the final teeth whitening effect. If the surface of the tooth is rough, the pigment is easy to deposit, and even the nerve of the tooth may be necrotic, causing the tooth to become red and gray, which greatly shortens the retention time.

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