Comparision porcelain VS zirconia teeth life span

According to data survey statistics, well-made porcelain teeth, with correct usage and good maintenance, can last for 20 years or even longer. However, because porcelain teeth are affected by many internal and external factors, their actual lifespan is often shortened. If they are not made properly, daily care is not taken to protect them, and life span of porcelain teeth will even be greatly reduced. So how long is the life of zirconia teeth?

Experts pointed out: A porcelain tooth that has been strictly, standardized, and correctly operated, designed and manufactured by regular doctors can be used in the mouth. According to research, about 65% of ordinary porcelain teeth(made by cobalt chrome dental alloy) can be used for more than 20 years. Patient must take care of the teeth in daily routine.If you don’t brush your teeth and gnaw things randomly, it will greatly reduce its service life. When you brush your teeth regularly, go to the hospital for cleaning regularly, do not eat very hard food for health care (normal use).

quality dental zirconia beauty restoration in dentistry

As for the high-grade zirconia teeth life span, you shuld take care of them at ordinary times. Their longevity can reach whole life for a person. A good zirconia tooth relies on the standardized operation of clinical engineers,such as high end dental lab cad cam,quality dental lab material,dental lab technician and dentist expertise.

To sum up, the life of zirconia teeth depends first on the physician who inserted your teeth, but the most important thing is your own maintenance. Experts remind: usually eat less bones\ drink more tea and less cigarettes for one day Brushing your teeth correctly at least twice is not only good for your teeth, but also for your health.

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