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Dental temporary crown anatomically shaped PMMA

Temporary crowns made of PMMA

Polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA, is a synthetic material from which temporary prostheses are made for long-term use. It is used for single and bridge structures. Since this material is considered safe and plaque-resistant, it can be used universally for all restorations.

Temporary crowns made of PMMA plastic are aesthetic and affordable in terms of price and convenience – they perfectly hide existing imperfections and look natural.

Benefits of PMMA temporary crowns:

    The minimum production time. No sophisticated equipment is required for this, so the process of forming prostheses takes place within a few hours.

    It is not excluded from the production of dental products directly in the office of the attending dentist. But the manufacture of a temporary plastic crown pmma in a specialized dental laboratory or milling center is of higher quality and reliability.

    Aesthetic appearance. It is possible to make dentures that are similar in color and shape to the clients’ natural teeth. After a while, they darken, but usually, the darkening fits into the production time of permanent dentures, so their aesthetics are not lost.

    Low cost of the PMMA temporary crown.

    High biological compatibility, no allergies.

    High polishability and long-lasting shine.

The price of PMMA crowns and their properties make them indispensable in orthopedic dentistry.

Temporary crowns on the PMMA implant are multifunctional:

    when they are installed, pain is reduced during prosthetics without removing the nerves

    the gum does not overgrow at the preparation site;

    there is no displacement of the dentition when free space appears;

    hide the unattractive appearance of the stump;

    the prices of temporary crowns for a PMMA tooth are quite affordable.

During the procedure, after the preparation, an impression is taken and a plastic mass is poured into the mold. After hardening, the future prosthesis is processed, polished, and attached to the oral cavity with special dental cement.

About PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) material

Dental pmma is used for both short-term restorations and long-term restorations. This material is flexible and tested for strength. Polymethylmatecrylate blocks have natural color transitions, making them easy to mill and polish. The material is often used for prototype restorative products for patient comfort. They are tried on, worn, and evaluated for comfort and design.

Polymethyl methacrylate is suitable for dry and wet milling on the machine.

Together with modern CAD / CAM technologies, this pmma material dental product is widely used by dental technicians, while there is no need to invest in additional equipment for processing, this allows maintaining a low price level. Therefore, it is not difficult to buy PMMA temporary crowns.

How much does a PMMA temporary crown cost?

In the local milling center, polymethyl methacrylate prostheses are produced quickly. Products created in our laboratory are ideal for clients and during the preparation for permanent prosthetics, dental patients do not experience any discomfort from wearing.

If necessary, you can buy a PMMA crown for an implant in the local laboratory with guaranteed reliability and quality at a low price.

The specialists of our company are sure that it is necessary to keep order even in the smallest things, therefore inexpensive plastic prostheses are comfortable and do not cause any inconvenience when worn.

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