Inovation mc xl sirona dental cad/cam dentistry

The use of the CEREC system allows you to increase the efficiency and quality of dental services in several ways at once:

Since the simulation is done at 12x magnification, the design quality is improved. This makes it possible to make tabs or bridges as accurately as possible. This, in turn, allows the use of a minimum amount of adhesive material for fixation, which means that restorations can be established with maximum preservation of the tooth substance.

The restoration itself is machined from high-quality porcelain with a homogeneous structure, which allows for optimal strength and hardness, close to that of tooth enamel. Such porcelain is excellently polished or can be glazed and tinted in a ceramic kiln.

Thanks to the excellent strength of the material, it became possible to form long-term bridges without the use of metal.

CEREC restorations last as long as gold restorations.

CEREC restorations have the color and translucent properties of natural teeth.

Thanks to unique materials, dental crowns are amazingly naturalistic not only in appearance but also have unique characteristics of biocompatibility.

The biological compatibility of ceramics has long been recognized all over the world and is highly appreciated by patients. The CEREC method covers the entire spectrum of restorative dentistry. From simple inlays to bridges. The inlay is turned from porcelain prepared using special technology, has no internal stress, and therefore does not destroy the tooth over time. Because the tab is made with the patient, it can be fitted, i.e. align all the boundaries of the occlusion with the tooth tissues, with high precision.

Ability to polish inaccessible surfaces before fixation, and thereby create optimal conditions for hygienic processing of interdental spaces.

When fixing the tab, a minimum amount of material is used. The gap between the tooth wall and the inlay can be from 25 to 60 microns.

But it is known – the thinner the layer of glue, the better it holds. Because the tab is fixed on the freshly prepared surface, repeated damage and infection of the tooth tissues are sharply reduced.

Useful sirona mc xl cad cam dental consumble:

  • sirona pmma


  • Sirona cerec block-lithium disilicate


  • sirona mc x5 cad cam burs for lithium disilicate


  • sirona cerec lithium disilicate blocks


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