How many of these problems do you have for people with bad teeth?

-01-Oral problems | Bleeding gums

Most of the bleeding gums in people’s life are caused by gingivitis. When there is a problem with oral cleaning, the “residual substances” in the oral cavity may aggregate, adhere to, and mix with saliva and other substances in the oral cavity to form gingival plaques. If this situation cannot be dealt with in time, over time As time goes on, calculus will form, which will lead to inflammation of the gum tissue, and bleeding will occur when brushing, flossing, and chewing food. Therefore, it is best to clean the “residual substances” in the oral cavity by scaling the teeth and cleaning them once every three months.

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-02-Oral problems | Eating stuffed teeth

Eating stuffed teeth is often embarrassing in life. If you have good teeth, it will not happen during the eating process. If you often stuff your teeth when you eat, then it may be between your teeth. The gap is too large, and there is a problem with the teeth; periodontitis is a common cause of food jamming, and other reasons such as tooth decay, wisdom teeth, and missing teeth can also cause teeth jamming. In the process of eating, if you encounter a tooth jam, you should brush your teeth in time to clean the gap between the teeth to prevent the growth of bacteria between the teeth and increase the gap teeth. If necessary, you can seek a professional doctor for treatment by filling the teeth.

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-03-Oral problems | Oral odor

There is no peculiar smell in the oral cavity of normal people, but when there are problems with oral cleaning or oral problems such as tooth decay and periodontitis occur, the situation of oral odor will occur. According to dental research, about 85% of people with bad mouth odor are due to dental problems. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the habit of gargling and brushing teeth after meals. At the same time, when brushing teeth, you can lightly brush the tongue coating to remove the residual “dirt” in the oral cavity. Many people choose to use mouthwash to cover up the smell if they have a peculiar smell in their mouth. cannot solve the underlying problem.

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-04-Oral problems | Tooth decay

Tooth decay is an oral disease that can be suffered at any age, whether you are a child or an adult, it can find you, when the plaque combines with the sugar or starch in the food you eat, it Tooth decay occurs, so when we were young, our parents always prevented us from eating more sugar, just for fear of causing tooth decay; of course, no matter what age, we should eat less sugary food to prevent tooth decay.

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-05-Oral problems | Oral ulcers

Mouth ulcers are believed to be experienced by many people. Mouth ulcers occur in the mouth rather than on the lips. A cold or an injury to the mouth may cause mouth ulcers. Ordinary mouth ulcers usually disappear in about a week. If your oral cavity If the ulcer has not disappeared for two weeks and is still serious, it may be a problem with your teeth. You should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time and seek professional medical help.

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-06-Oral cleaning | Tooth protection

Modern research has proved that dental disease can cause or aggravate systemic diseases such as coronary heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, oral health not only enables people to chew fully, enjoy delicious food, and provide sufficient nutrition for the body; oral health not only makes the mouth fresh, expresses one’s wishes, and communicates freely with others; it also avoids and reduces “viruses”. infection” and the occurrence of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stomach disease, and low birth weight in newborns. Therefore, the health of our teeth is the health of our bodies. We must prevent them in time and do a good job of cleaning our teeth at any time.

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