These four questions, dentists answer patients countless times every day!

Patients who go to the hospital for dental implants will always have a lot of questions in every link. Because they don’t understand it, they are not at ease. Today, I will summarize the most frequently asked questions by the patients I have met.

Will the operation hurt?

The question of whether dental implant surgery will hurt is the most frequently asked question by patients.

Local anesthesia will be used during implant surgery, so there will be no pain during the operation, but some patients will ask, will it not hurt after the anesthesia? There is nothing wrong with the question, but some hospitals will let you take ibuprofen sustained-release capsules before the operation, just to cause pain after the anesthesia, and the medicine can help the patient to relieve pain; but dental implants themselves are micro-surgery, even after the anesthesia. The pain is also not that severe.

However, it is inevitable that some patients will accept different degrees of pain. If they feel pain, they can choose to take anti-inflammatory painkillers for relief.

Especially the dentistry surgical treatment involves endodontic tools and equipment, Various endodontic root canal tools reference: https://www.dentallaboratorio.com/what-instruments-are-used-in-root-canal-treatment/

Feeling uncomfortable just wearing a crown

When the crown is first worn, many patients will not adapt to it, and usually wonder if there is a problem with the crown, or the hospital has given a poor-quality crown.

In fact, the problem is not the crown itself, but because the teeth have been missing for too long, the muscles have not been used for a long time, and they feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when the crown is first put on, the doctor will recommend the patient buckle the teeth and drum for one to two weeks.

When it comes to dental crown optional, the dentist would like to recommend cad cam crown material, patient can take a reference to why cad cam crown material in zirconium is popular. https://www.dentallabshop.com/what-is-the-best-cad-cam-crown-material/

Can the temporary teeth not be removed when eating?

For the sake of beauty, some patients choose to wear temporary teeth when the teeth are just implanted, but the temporary teeth must be removed when eating, otherwise, the implant will be damaged, and they can be removed when drinking milk or water. Temporary brushing in the morning and evening, not only the teeth should be brushed, but the temporary teeth should also be cleaned.

Fourth, can not do the second phase?

Many patients will have a lot of doubts when they hear that the second phase is to be done: if it is not done at one time, why is there still a second phase?

It is not the doctor’s decision whether to do the second stage, but the patient’s oral condition. Some patients have good bones and the height and width of the gums are sufficient, so there is no need for the second stage. After the teeth are implanted, they can be directly worn for healing. for some patients with bad gums or too many oral problems, bone grafting is required, and bone grafting needs to be sutured.

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