What to do for tooth decay in children

Totth decay occurs in children

If there are some tooth decay in children, usually in the early stage that cannot be treated, the pain may be caused by some defects, some problems caused by the retention of food residues, or the gingival papilla caused by food impact in the middle of the teeth It is caused by inflammation, swelling and pain, as well as some spontaneous pain caused by exposure of dental nerves. In severe cases, some periapical abscesses will occur.

  The above problems can only be effectively alleviated through timely dental filling treatment. If the nerves are exposed, root canal treatment of the teeth is required, followed by the filling of the teeth, which can effectively relieve the subsequent pain. If there is an abscess, and some root canal treatment of teeth is needed, some antibiotics are needed.

  For children, oral penicillin drugs are relatively safe or some cephalosporin drugs. Therefore, when this kind of tooth pain occurs, children generally have a poor degree of cooperation. In some cases, if they don’t cooperate, general anesthesia is needed for all teeth treatment, which can effectively reduce some subsequent damage to the teeth. Therefore, the only way for tooth decay to occur is to perform symptomatic treatment of the teeth, as well as root canal treatment or the application of oral antibiotics for relief.

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