What are the benefits of Tai Chi

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

   1. Exercise the nervous system to improve sensory function

  Practicing Tai Chi requires mind calmness. When practicing boxing, the motor center of the cerebral cortex and the second signal system are in a highly concentrated state of excitement, while most of the other areas of the cortex are in a state of inhibition, which is very beneficial for patients with certain chronic diseases.

   Because the pathological excitement is broken, the function of the high-level nerve center is repaired and improved, and some local lesions are gradually reduced or disappeared.

   The “eyes turn at hand” during practice and the “pushing back and forth” in the push hands can help improve the optic nerve and skin response ability.

  2. Contribute to the health of the cardiovascular system

  Practicing Taijiquan requires the qi to sink to the dantian, and the diaphragm and abdominal muscles contract and relax during abdominal breathing to promote blood circulation.

   At the same time, the capillaries are fully opened when the muscles are active, which accelerates the return speed of veins and lymph, improves microcirculation, thereby reducing the burden on the heart, and helping to maintain the health of the heart, blood vessels and lymphatic system.

  3, enhance respiratory function

  The characteristics of deep, long and gentle breathing have a good effect on improving the ventilation and ventilation function of the lungs. For long-term practitioners, the breathing rate will decrease, and the lung capacity and breathing difference will increase.

   4. Promote material metabolism

   The nervous system improves the regulation process of internal organs, and also has a massage effect on the intestines and stomach, promotes blood circulation in the liver, enhances the secretion of adrenaline, and improves the metabolism of substances in the body.

   Long-term practice of Tai Chi can increase appetite, promote digestion, lower cholesterol content and soften arteries.

   5. Strengthen the musculoskeletal system exercise

Taijiquan has static and static arc movements during movement, which also strengthens the movement of the whole body muscles and muscle fibers, so that the joint capsule and joint ligaments can be well exercised in the traction of the muscles, and the stability of the joints is strengthened. , Flexibility and flexibility. Taijiquan practice is very beneficial for smoothing the meridians and stimulating acupoints.

   What should I pay attention to in Tai Chi?

  1, the place is quiet

   Spring, summer, and autumn are best in courtyards, corridors, parks, woods, riversides, empty fields and other places with fresh and quiet air. The cold winter is best in indoor venues.

  2, ventilation and shelter

  Avoid doing exercises in a closed air-conditioned environment. It is not advisable to do fitness exercises in a soot-filled and polluted courtyard. Keep the air fresh. When practicing Taijiquan outdoors, avoid doing it in the wind, strong wind, fog and rain.

  3, loose clothing

   Tops and trousers should not be over-tight, belts should be fastened appropriately, shoes should be comfortable, and shoes that are too tight or too loose should not be worn.

   4. Warm-up activities

  Before exercising, you must do preparation activities, such as stretching, bending, squatting, etc. Otherwise, it is easy to cause sprains, bruises, fractures, etc.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi? What are the effects of Tai Chi? How to do Tai Chi?

   When is the most appropriate time to practice Tai Chi?

   1. It is best to choose between four and six in the morning

   Because the sun goes around the back of the earth in the middle of the night and begins to turn to the side where we live, the natural atmosphere is excited and starts to rise slowly.

   At this moment, the internal qi of the human body is also stimulated and begins to rise slowly. The liver qi of the human body is in the initial ascending state, and the liver meridian and gall bladder meridian are both external and internal, so the internal qi of the gall bladder meridian is also just rising. The liver qi and courage in the ascending state of the human body are enriched by the homogenous atmosphere outside the body at this time, and appear more vigorous and powerful, which is conducive to practicing gong and physical activities.

  2, noon is the time to practice boxing and exercise taboos

  At this time, the sunlight is directly downward, the natural atmosphere and the body’s qi are in a rising state, the head qi is excited, the inner qi rises rapidly, the heart is uneven, and the blood veins are stretched, which is not conducive to exercise.

   3. Yin Qi rises from 8 to 9 in the evening

At this time, exercise can adjust the internal qi, and at the same time, it is easy to spit out the turbid qi contained in the viscera, which can strengthen the activity of the viscera and meridians, dredge the qi and blood, and help absorb the homogenous atmosphere when the body’s yin qi turns to rise after falling asleep at midnight. .

   Boxing time is also related to daily habits. Because early in the morning, people have great energy and strong memory. And after a night of sleep, the muscles and bones can be relieved of stagnation and astringency due to physical activities. Before going to bed, due to a day’s activities, the joints and tendons are activated, which facilitates large-scale and difficult-to-dise exercises, which is conducive to the dynamic setting of movements, and the energy consumption during exercise can easily be restored in time through sleep. It can be seen that exercise time is directly related to the effect of exercise. Only by correctly mastering and scientifically exercising according to time can we receive the best results in a short period of time.

  4. It is advisable for beginners to learn Taijiquan for a quarter of an hour in the morning and evening

   (1) For beginners, if you just want to keep your body healthy, you can take a quarter of an hour each morning and evening, that is, more than 30 minutes a day. In this way, it’s about half an hour every day. For those who don’t have any serious physical problems and don’t have high demands on boxing, they can keep their bodies healthy.

   (2) For beginners to learn Tai Chi for health, the practice time needs to be doubled. If you are a beginner and are in ill health and want to restore your health through Tai Chi, it is recommended to practice boxing for more than one hour a day. Of course, you can also divide the time, for example, half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening.

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