4 real culprits that make you more and more tired

Now the pace of life is slowly accelerating, and many people are either because of the pressure of action, or because of the pressure of study, which often causes their bodies to become more and more fatigued. So do you know what causes us to become more and more tired?

What are the causes of fatigue? What to do with fatigue? What to eat for fatigue

   High concentration

Many people have always maintained a high concentration of attention when working or studying, and concentration is very easy to cause physical fatigue, and they will drink refreshing beverages to relieve physical fatigue. They do not know that this beverage is not only There is no benefit to the body, and it will make the body more fatigued.

  Insufficient sleep

   Most people who feel tired now are caused by insufficient sleep, because they feel that a few hours of sleep a day is enough, and other sleep time can be supplemented on weekends. However, this method is not feasible. Once a person lacks sleep, it will consume the body’s energy excessively, causing the person to become more fatigued. Therefore, it is best to maintain about 8 hours of sleep a day in normal times.

What are the causes of fatigue? What to do with fatigue? What to eat for fatigue


  Anemia is one of the main causes of fatigue. If you experience frequent fatigue, you can go to the hospital to check to see if your body is in an anemic state. If anemia occurs, see your doctor for advice on how to supplement blood.

   Excessive exercise

   Exercise is good for physical and mental health, and it is also a way of decompression for many office workers. But if you often experience excessive fatigue after exercise, it may also be because you are over-exercising. So in normal times, if you want to exercise and don’t want to be too tired, you must choose an appropriate amount of exercise.

   Food to relieve fatigue


   Banana is a highly nutritious food that can help us replenish the energy needed by the human body, so that we will not feel fatigue due to energy deficiency, and the potassium contained in bananas can relieve the body’s lack of potassium due to exercise. It is a very good food to relieve fatigue.


   Studies have shown that because oatmeal is high in fiber, if you eat oatmeal in the morning, you will not be hungry easily. Because the cellulose of oatmeal can slow the digestion rate, and continuously replenish the substances needed by the human body, so as to achieve the effect of relieving fatigue.


  Strawberries are not only delicious, but also have high nutritional value. The vitamin C contained in strawberries can help us replenish the iron element that the human body lacks, so that cells can get a certain amount of nourishment and make people become energetic. So eating strawberries can help us relieve physical fatigue.

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