Quip Toothbrush Review

Thinking about trying Quip? We’ve put together a Quip electric toothbrush review to help you decide if this new and innovative brush is right for you, but first, let’s start with a bit of background information:

Quip is a brand new electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrush Quip is among the most recent brands to enter the already saturated market for electric toothbrushes. It’s quickly gained traction with a powerful advertising campaign that targets Gen Xers and older Millennials. Throw some Boomers into the mix to give it a good mix. It’s got a contemporary and stylish look which was certainly developed in the direction of Silicon Valley startups and Apple users in the back of their minds.

But is this new toothbrush as good for dental health as it claims to be?

Let’s see what we can learn and how we can find out something regarding this electric brush Quip electric toothbrush, and then review some Quip reviews written by real users, such as:

  • What is the price you think the Quip electric toothbrush set at?
  • Does it actually do the trick?
  • Does it really matter?

What exactly is the Quip electric toothbrush? Quip electronic toothbrush?

Quip brush comes with a new battery-powered brush from an organization that is trying to make brushing proper.

For this, when you buy an electric toothbrush from Quip, you must also join the program to receive a new brush head each three-month period. The three-month period is the period of time that dentists suggest using a toothbrush before replacing it.

Quip cleanses your teeth with a gentle vibration of your teeth It also includes a helpful guide on how to brush–pun really intended –on your brushing technique.

It also has an unquestionably modern design and comes in several different colors and two material choices It is possible to purchase your Quip electric toothbrush in blue or green plastic or silver slate, copper or black metal. Occasionally you may even be able to get an exclusive color.

Yes, this toothbrush is a winner of an ADA Seal of Approval So you’re assured that it’s secure and efficient.

What is it that makes what makes Quip brush different from others?

We’ve already spoken about the ways Quip is different from other types of powered brushes. This includes its elegant design and the feature that automatically sends brushes to replace your address every three months.

So let’s take a look at the other aspects to make the Quip toothbrush distinct and find out more about the top digital toothbrushes.

What’s the procedure for the Quip toothbrush function?

The Quip creates the sound of sonic waves at 15,000 strokes every minute. As this is approximately half the strength of other electronic toothbrushes, it is also necessary to brush your teeth using circular motions, the same way you would do with a manual toothbrush. If you’re in the market for non-electric alternatives look into our list of the most effective brushing tools for manual use.

Another feature that is what makes the Quip different from other electronic toothbrushes is the fact that it’s not rechargeable. Instead, it utilizes an AAA battery that lasts approximately three months. It also comes with two minutes of daily brushing every day.

The bristles of the Quip are unique as well. You’ll see the standard bristles. However, between there are soft silicone bristles that aid in getting a more thorough cleaning. Also, there’s a tongue scraper that’s on the side part of the handle.

It’s the Quip electric toothbrush is made for people who like an elegant look. unlike other electric toothbrushes, it has Quip has just one option, which is the “on” setting.

It does, however as most electric toothbrushes come with a two-minute timer and 30 seconds of pulse time to adhere to the best practices for brushing.

There’s also a children’s Quip plastic version that is part of the package that includes a watermelon-flavored toothpaste.

You can also learn more about alternatives for your kids in our comprehensive guide to electronic toothbrushes for children.

What is the cost to buy Quip?

The cheapest model comes at just 25 dollars (just to purchase the toothbrush, and not for the membership package) in comparison to the much more costly version that costs around $40, the Quip is more expensive than a manual one, however, it’s much cheaper than the deluxe versions of the top powered brands of brushes.

What’s inside the box?

The removal of the Quip electronic toothbrush exposes the following things:

  • 1 Quip toothbrush, Head, and Battery included
  • 3-month supply of Quip’s anticavity fluoride-based toothpaste (SLS-free)
  • The base of your Quip (mounts on the wall and can also be used as an extra cover for travel)
  • Instructions packet

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