Are you using composite materials when restoring your teeth?

What are the materials for tooth restoration?

Tooth restoration is a way to restore a neat tooth. Many beauty lovers who want to restore their appearance due to uneven or missing teeth can choose to have tooth restoration treatment, but there are methods for tooth restoration. There are many different methods, and the materials are also different. Let me give you a brief introduction to this problem. I hope it can help you, and I hope everyone can have a neat tooth.

  1. Metal materials

Among them is the gold alloy porcelain teeth. Gold has been used as a filling material for a long time, and it is one of the ideal restoration materials. This material has good chemical inertness, strong oxidation and corrosion resistance, high strength, no irritation, and the combination of gold and porcelain has good firmness. There will be no blueness or blackening at the position in contact with the gums. In addition, the finished porcelain teeth have the same color as the natural teeth, which are more beautiful and can meet the requirements of cosmetic restoration.

  1. Composite resin materials

Resin repair refers to those who have tooth tissue defects due to various reasons, and composite resin materials can be used to repair teeth. It can be divided into resin base and composite resin bonding material. Resin base material refers to the base for making movable dentures. It has the characteristics of low price, similar color to gums, convenient shaping, and no harm or irritation to human tissues. The composite resin bonding material is characterized by easy operation, relatively strong plasticity, close to natural teeth in color, no irritation, good biocompatibility, and strong adhesion to teeth.

Three, ceramic materials

All-ceramic restoration is a general term for metal-free restorations. Ceramic materials have the advantages of aesthetics and good compatibility. They are made of materials that are similar in color to the teeth themselves because the translucency is similar to that of their own teeth, and the edges of the gums. The performance is very natural, it can be the same as the real, and it has the characteristics of not irritating the surrounding tissues.

What are the materials for tooth restoration? The above is a brief introduction to this problem, I hope it can help friends in need. Finally, I would like to remind everyone here that for people who have only a single tooth defect, if the overall condition is better, they can consider implants for restoration.

Some Of Dental technician equipment for prosthesis production:

  • Pindex Dental Machine


  • Vacuum Mixer Dental Machine


  • vacuum former heater


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