Here is the oral knowledge that parents want for their children-how much do they know about children applying fluoride?

Every family is paying more and more attention to the oral health of their children, and the question of whether children’s teeth need to be coated with fluoride has also attracted people’s attention. Because many families do not understand and remain skeptical about the application of fluoride to their children’s teeth, they are still hesitant to apply fluoride to their children’s teeth. What are the benefits of applying fluoride to their children’s teeth? And so on. To apply fluoride to teeth is to use a substance that contains fluorine. Each tooth of the child needs to be fluoridated. What effect will the application of fluoride have on the child’s teeth?

The effects of fluoride on children’s teeth are summarized as follows:

  1. Inhibit oral bacteria
    Fluorine can directly and effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, can effectively prevent bacteria from depositing on the surface of teeth, control the activities of various enzymes in the metabolic process of bacteria, and promote bacterial growth and metabolism disorders, or stop.
  2. Improve tooth resistance
    Applying fluorine can make fluorine cooperate with the hydroxyapatite in the tooth structure, reduce the solubility of tooth glaze, improve the resistance of children’s teeth to acid, effectively protect children’s teeth, and prevent caries.
  3. Repair and strengthen teeth
    Applying fluoride can strengthen the calcification of the newly-grown teeth of the child, play a role in strengthening the teeth of the child, and can prevent incomplete calcification of the teeth. If the child’s newly-grown teeth have caries, applying fluoride can recalcify the teeth and restore the health of the caries.
  4. Reduce tooth hypersensitivity
    Because of tooth hypersensitivity, many children are not allowed to eat foods that are too cold, too hot or too acidic. After fluoride treatment of children’s teeth, it can effectively prevent the allergies of the tooth essence.

Although the method of tooth fluoride can effectively help children’s teeth to prevent dental caries, parents cannot ignore the daily care of children’s teeth, which will protect children’s teeth more comprehensively and effectively.

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