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What are the hazards of children’s orthodontics, and does it have a big impact on children?

Will there be any harm to children with orthodontics? This is a problem that many parents are concerned about when facing their children’s need for orthodontics. As many children’s teeth are growing up, the teeth are not aligned due to congenital or acquired reasons. To make the teeth beautiful, it is necessary to perform orthodontics. So, is there any harm?

Orthodontics is a complicated technique after all, so it will have some influence on the child, as follows:

  1. Since the child is still in the growth and development stage, wearing braces may affect the child’s facial development and may change the child’s appearance.
  2. And because many children wear wire braces, the children sometimes show the wire braces when smiling, which may cause ridicule from the surrounding friends and arouse the child’s inferiority complex, so parents must Find out in time and give encouragement to correct
  3. In the initial stage of orthodontic treatment, a slight inflammation reaction will occur in the dental pulp for a period of time, so the child’s teeth will have allergies and discomfort, parents do not need to worry, this is only temporary, this situation will gradually disappeared.
  4. When the child is doing orthodontics, because of the existence of the dental appliance, it will be difficult to clean the oral hygiene. If the child’s oral cavity is not cleaned in time, it will be prone to tooth decay and adhesion. Etching agents are used during orthodontic brackets, and the enamel on the surface of the teeth may also be damaged.

The above are some of the problems that children may encounter when doing orthodontics. Under normal circumstances, as long as you choose formal dentistry for your children’s orthodontics, parents should pay more attention to the care and timely review of their children after correction. To avoid these effects, you don’t have to worry too much about the harm your child’s orthodontics will cause.

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  • Dental Steam Cleaner

  • Dental Vibrator

  • Dental Wax Heater

  • Dental Wax Melting Pot

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