missing teeth for dental implant treatment

What are the indications for dental implants?

Dental implant is a new project carried out in oral medicine and therapy in recent years. The implant teeth mentioned here are not really planted with one or more teeth like natural teeth, but implanted into the alveolar bone with implant materials Inner (implant), a kind of “denture” restoration method in which dentures are made.

white smile after dental implant restoration

The indications for dental implants are as follows:

  1. Adults who are in good general condition, physically and mentally healthy, and whose bones and teeth have been developed;
  2. At least 6 months after jaw and alveolar surgery and trauma, at least 3 months after tooth extraction, the bone defect has been restored, and the implant bed bone shape and quality are good;
  3. The oral soft tissues have no obvious inflammation or damage;
  4. Professional physicians perform oral examinations, take panoramic X-rays, and do routine blood tests. If there are bleeding diseases, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc., dental implants can only be accepted after the disease is stabilized.
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