A Retainer Protect You From Harmful Teeth Grinding Effects

Both serve the same function of keeping your teeth in place after orthodontic work, but they are very different in their structure, the materials they are made out of, and how likely they are to protect your teeth from grinding. Since wire retainers are made of wire and plastic and do not cover the bottom surfaces of your teeth, they would not offer protection from grinding and may actually snap due to the force of grinding or clenching. Clear retainers on the other hand, do cover the bottom surfaces of your teeth, so they may provide some protection from grinding. However, depending on the severity of your grinding, they may wear down or crack because the material is not durable enough.

Luckily, if you’re looking for a way to both keep your teeth in their position and counteract grinding, Chomper Labs offers a solution that can do both. Chomper Labs’ Retainer Night Guard is made of a durable material that’s strong enough to stand up to grinding, but also maintains that perfect smile. Because it’s custom made just for you and your teeth, it’s guaranteed to fit perfectly and provide you with the best possible protection from teeth grinding effects.

Another often overlooked factor to making sure that your retainer night guard is able to do its job is proper maintenance. Believe it or not, taking care of your retainer by cleaning it regularly not only keeps it fresh and bacteria free, but also helps it to last longer so it can continue to do its job. The simplest way to keep your retainer clean is to rinse it in cool water and brush it with a soft bristle toothbrush (without toothpaste) daily. Another easy and effective way to care for your retainer is to use retainer cleaning tablets on a weekly basis. This will help give your retainer a deep clean to keep it at its best. It’s ideal to clean your retainer both daily and weekly using these methods for the best results and sparkling clean retainer. Regardless of which cleansing method you use, be sure to let your retainer dry completely before storing it. This will make sure no bacteria get a chance to grow in any leftover moisture.

Now that you know more about the types of retainers, what types actually protect your teeth from grinding, and how to maintain your retainer once you’ve found the one that’s right for you, it’s time to reevaluate your retainer to see if it meets all of your needs. If you don’t have a retainer that’s also designed to protect your teeth from grinding, you may want to make the switch to Chomper Labs’ Retainer Night Guard, especially if you grind your teeth moderately to heavily. A regular retainer just can’t stand up to the forces of heavier grinding and will likely take on a significant amount of damage prematurely. The Retainer Night Guard will outlast any typical clear retainer, keeping your teeth protected from both shifting and grinding without needing to replace it nearly as frequently. You don’t have to choose between a night guard and a retainer, with the Retainer Night Guard, you can have the benefits of both.

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