4 Most Common Mistakes When Wearing A Perfume For Women

Wearing perfume for women is as easy as it sounds, isn’t it? A little spray here, and a little there, and you are done. Well, no! Adorning a long-lasting female perfume requires more finesse and skills than you think. Did you know that a perfume smells perfect when it is worn in accordance to the environment, the outfit it is worn on, and even where you spray it? These factors are the key to defining how to wear a good perfume for women.

In the same direction, fortunately, a few basic tweaks here and there can set you right back on track to experience the perfect olfactory course. Listed below are four of the most common errors women commit when we talk about buying and wearing perfume and, of course, how to fix them in a jiffy:

Avoid Rubbing! Only Spray The Cologne!

Whether consciously or unconsciously, most women tend to spray a little scent on their inner wrists and then pinning them together before they reach for their neck. This is a common mistake. The process of rubbing results in friction that heats the skin, which produces natural enzymes. As a consequence, this changes the course of the scent.

To correct the same, it is important to ensure that the best natural perfume for women lasts longer on the skin. All you have to do is spritz both wrists lightly and not rub them. Instead, let the female perfume liquid get absorbed on its own, and then do absolutely nothing at all.

Evaluating The Environment Is The Key

When it comes to storing a natural perfume , it becomes essential to store it as if it is a living organism. Yes, you assumed it right! A good natural perfume for women is quite sensitive to environmental changes. Sudden shifts in weather conditions or temperature give way to surprising chemical reactions within the natural ingredients or what we call perfume notes which results in making the perfume age faster than their usual rate.

Also, did you know that leaving a citrus cologne in the steamy hot restroom can affect the freshness of the scents used? To clarify, the best place to store a natural fragrance for women like Boho Eau De Parfum by Adiveda Natural is the packaging box you originally received it in, and that too at room temperature (or 70 degrees Fahrenheit). If you want to go a step ahead, you may want to store your signature scents in the refrigerator.

Best Perfumes For Women Come in Small Packages

Ideally, perfume should be consumed at a quick rate. The reason being that allowing a half-used women perfume bottle on your shelf shall let in oxygen to slowly break down the scent’s molecules, tampering with its natural and original composition.

Hence, to avoid such situations, one must order small natural perfume bottles online so they remain as fresh as ever for at least up to three months.

When in Doubt, Practice The Common-Sense Perfume Rules

While spraying a luxury perfume for women, it is always recommended to practice a few common-sense rules that can help a fragrance to go a long way. For instance, perfume doesn’t last long on dry skin, and hence, always apply an unscented body lotion before you spray your signature fragrance. Why unscented, you may ask? Well, if you use a scented moisturizer, it may make the cologne smell differently or the lotion’s fragrance may affect the olfactory experience.

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