5 Exquisite Buffet Food Menu Ideas for Night Dinner Party

Hosting a buffet dinner party can be overwhelming. The biggest decision is what to serve or what should be the party menu. There are different portions like cocktails, appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts. Your menu is the difficult task, you have to focus on your guests’ likes and dislikes. Host have to decide each and step from the menu till the serving and display of food in the party.

It would be easy if the cocktails or complete beverages serve separately in other bar. And using counter top display fridge for displaying desserts would be very convenient. Other food items serve on buffet table. In this way, the guests can enjoy food easily, no mishaps. While deciding menu for the dinner party, always make sure the different age group of guests.

Best buffet food is the one which is enjoyed by everyone. For instance young ages love chicken and potato dishes and their beverages are simple as well. On the other side, elder ages love seafood, rice, salad and have different taste. Their choice of drinks are hard and love vines in night parties. Let’s see some food items that are presented beautifully and best buffet food for dinner party.

Broil with Herb Butter:

For dinner, instead of buying an individual steak or each party guest. The best is flavorful and less expensive London broil. Blister the beef and then slice the beef against the grain into strips. Top the freshly sliced beef with a pat of herb butter to gild the lily. You should add this in menu as it’s full of flavors and look very elegant while serving.

Greek Strudel with Rice and Chicken:

Mostly people think that strudel is for sweet and fruity filings only. This menu will be surprising and new for guests. This savory strudel is fully loaded with chicken, rice olives sun-dried tomatoes and milk feta. All sealed perfectly inside a flaky pastry crust.

Roast Leg of Lamb with Mint Sauce:

The pairing of lamb and mint are legendary. It is best to serve in night dinner party. The flavor of mint adds the perfect flavor to lambs. Made the herbaceous mint sauce from scratch. The strong flavor of pureed mint, parsley, capers and garlic worth the effort. This is something new for everyone.

Sausage Gumbo and Chicken:

The key to achieve gumbo’s signature spiciness is the Tasso ham. This is a specialty of south Louisiana cuisine. Serving this dish is very exquisite idea. As the color, texture, presentation everything is amazing. The fatty cut of salt-cured pork is rubbed with cayenne pepper, a spice mixture.

Turkish Style Sharing Bread:

One of the most beautiful and tasty dish for buffet. Parties are incomplete without pizza. It loved by all ages. This amazing deep-pan classic Turkish pizza known as Lahmacun. It’s top with spicy lamb mince and red onions.


All these five exquisite dishes will be perfect for night buffet party. The different types are mentioned above. Moreover, the cocktails and desserts are according to the party and guests. If it’s a birthday party then layered-cake otherwise colorful, different and tasty cupcakes or pastries are best for buffet menu.

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