5 ways that work wonders for men to shine out your Abs

Men all want to have a strong body. To achieve this goal, in addition to their physical discord, they must also have muscles. When they see men with abdominal muscles, people will be very envious. In fact, as long as they pass If you work hard and master the correct exercise method, you can also exercise very beautiful abdominal muscles. So what are the exercises for men to exercise abdominal muscles?

How do men exercise abdominal muscles?

  1. Supine leg lift exercise

Lie on your back and raise your legs, acting on your lower abdomen and lower back. If you are a beginner or a person with weak waist strength, you can bend your legs to perform this movement to reduce the difficulty. Note: Do not touch the ground when your legs are swaying down. Practice a few sets every day to effectively train your abdominal muscles.

  1. Supine crunches

This is a very classic abdominal muscle training exercise, first place your hands behind your head, and then forcefully curl your abdomen from side to side. During exercise, you can’t use your hands to break your neck to help your body bend. This also requires continuous exercise. The effect of practicing abdominal muscles is also very good. You can try it.

  1. Sideways bridging exercise

This exercise for abdominal muscles has a certain degree of difficulty and requires a certain balance training foundation to carry out. Support your upper body weight on your elbows while keeping your legs straight. The head, waist, and crotch to the legs should always maintain a straight 20-degree standard oblique line and make contact repeatedly. It is important to note that the position of the waist and crotch should always be tightened. It’s very effective, and it’s worth a try.

  1. Lunge squats

The lunge squat should be the most familiar to those who exercise regularly. This exercise can not only exercise the abdominal, hip and other muscle groups but also the buttocks and legs, etc., can be touched. When exercising, be careful not to bend your knee beyond your toes.

  1. Supine leg raise exercise

Lie flat on the bed or floor mat, with your back close to the bed surface (or the ground), your hands are fixed on your head, your legs are raised and lowered at the same time, and the practice is repeated many times. If you want to maximize the abdominal exercise, at the highest point of each movement, you should try to lift the buttocks to fully mobilize the abdominal muscles.

How to become a muscle man fast

muscle man
  1. Chest muscles

The chest muscles are one of the muscles that can show the charm of men. The training method is actually very simple. For example, you can buy a tension machine from the supermarket. You can buy a small weight at the beginning, and then gradually increase the strength. The tension machine can train the muscles of the arms and chest. Secondly, push-ups are also a very good choice. They can be carried out at home without a venue. If you go to the gym, bench presses and barbells are good choices.

  1. Abdominal muscles

Abdominal muscles are one of the more difficult places to train. If you want to become a man with 8-pack abs, it will not happen overnight. First of all, let’s say it’s simple, that is, get up on your back, which is as unconditional as push-ups. Remember to sit before going to bed every day. Well, the only thing to pay attention to is that the method must be accurate and the action must be in place. In addition, leg lifting is also a good method. People keep lying flat and lift their legs up and down many times. They will feel the pain in the leg muscles and abdominal muscles and achieve the purpose of the exercise.

  1. Calf

The calf is one of the relatively simple and easy-to-train muscle groups, and the most common one is running. Secondly, many sports can exercise the muscles of the calf, such as basketball, badminton, etc. Many people have calf muscles, but they have not been developed, the strength is not enough, and it is not obvious.

  1. Arm

We mainly introduce the biceps in the arms. The best way to do the biceps is to use barbells and presses. If you have the conditions, you can go to the fitness center to try the bench press. If you don’t have the conditions, you can buy a few barbells at home and slowly start practicing. , Gradually increase the weight, and the puller is also good (while exercising the pectoral muscles).

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