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If the tooth is loose, should it be retained or pulled out?

There are “surprises” everywhere in life. For example, one day suddenly, I find that my teeth are loose.

Why does a good tooth become loose? If we think of a tooth as a tree, the root of the tooth is the root of the tree, and the gums and alveolar bones around the tooth are the soil. However, due to some reasons, the soil around the roots of the tree has been lost, and the roots have gradually lost support. The tree will sway and fall at any time. If this happens to the teeth, the teeth will also become loose.

What happens when the tooth is loose

What happens after a tooth becomes loose? You may be able to think: if you don’t dare to bite hard, you can only change the bite on the other side. If you don’t get treatment in time, you will lose your tooth, talk, and open your mouth in embarrassment. Therefore, if the tooth is loose, it is necessary to seek medical attention as soon as possible to find the cause and carry out the targeted treatment.

Causes of loose teeth


When the periodontal tissue supporting the tooth root becomes inflamed and plaque accumulates due to the usual poor oral hygiene, there is a hidden danger of loosening the teeth. When the periodontal tissue is exhausted, it will not take long for the teeth to become loose. Therefore, periodontal treatment should be carried out as soon as possible.

  1. Eliminate irritants and relieve inflammation. To remove irritants such as tartar and dental plaque on the upper and lower gums by washing teeth and subgingival scraping, and eliminate gum inflammation. The more severe cases require multiple follow-up visits and treatments, and the more severe cases may require surgical treatment.
  2. Strengthen the foundation. In the case of severe bone absorption around the root of the tooth, it is like serious soil erosion near the root of the tree, which requires “soil cultivation”, that is, implantation of artificial bone meal to help regenerate new supporting tissues. However, not all loose teeth can be treated to become stable as before. Once the alveolar bone is absorbed, it is a difficult process to re-form.
  3. Provide support. After periodontal treatment, some teeth may not return to their original state. At this time, there is another remedy, which is “loose tooth fixation”, which connects loose teeth with adjacent teeth through some methods, such as making periodontal splints, so that the force is dispersed from the original single tooth to multiple teeth. To reduce the burden of moving teeth, and to fix the loose teeth to a certain extent.

Causes of trauma

We often see some basketball players and boxers on TV. They wear braces like dentures during sports. Their function is to avoid bumping their teeth during sports and causing them to loosen.

However, ordinary people don’t wear braces during daily activities. If you hurt your teeth during exercise, you need to fix the teeth, connect and fix the loose teeth with the neighboring teeth, and then observe them regularly.

In addition, it should be noted that if the trauma causes rupture of the blood vessels and nerves of the teeth, root canal treatment is also required.

Abnormal bite up and down

Under normal circumstances, the upper and lower teeth bite together to exercise the chewing function. However, if there are filled teeth, inappropriate dentures, and periodontitis, the original balance may be disrupted, causing the teeth to bite in places that should not be bitten. In severe cases, individual teeth will be stressed too much. Over time, it will easily become loose.

Tooth loosening caused by occlusal trauma, in addition to the treatment of the loose tooth itself, the cause should also be found, and the specific situation should be analyzed in detail so that the upper and lower teeth can bite together normally.

Cysts, tumors

Tumors or cysts involving teeth may also cause teeth to loosen, but not all of them will.

In this case, surgical treatment should be carried out as soon as possible. After the cyst and tumor are removed, the teeth that cannot be preserved are also removed in time.

Loose tooth, stay or pull

If you can keep the original teeth, try to actively treat them to stay. However, in severe loosening conditions, the treatment effect is relatively poor, and the remaining teeth will be implicated in the neighboring teeth. It is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice to remove them in time, and then repair them to restore normal chewing function.

How to prevent loose teeth

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important at all times, not because teeth will loosen naturally when you get older. If the “soil” around the root of the tooth can be maintained, that is, the periodontal is always firm, a healthy tooth can be used until it is old!  

Brushing your teeth correctly, using dental floss and mouthwash daily, all help to maintain periodontal health.  

Develop a good habit of seeing the dentist regularly and washing your teeth regularly, and at the same time, it can help you discover hidden oral problems you can’t find.

If you have found that you have signs of periodontal disease, or if your teeth are starting to loosen, don’t be careless! It’s too late to get medical attention now!

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