What’s wrong with the root of the tooth?

What’s wrong with rotten teeth?

  1. The oral environment is acidic (carbonated drinks)

The enamel on the surface of teeth is the hardest tissue in the human body, but it has a natural enemy, acid. Tooth enamel is in an “acidic environment” for a long time, in which calcium and phosphorus are released in the form of ions, the enamel is decalcified and lost, and finally, the teeth become more and more fragile.

Most beverages on the market have a pH between 2.2 and 4.9. When the oral environment pH value is lower than 5.5, the teeth will “decalcify”. If you do not leave your drink, do not pay attention to the “oral hygiene”, often soak your teeth in such liquid. Over time, your teeth will gradually “dissolve” and become more fragile and empty. Especially for children, it is more lethal.

  1. Wedge-shaped defect

Incorrect brushing methods and hard brushing can also damage the teeth, especially horizontal and horizontal brushing. Over time, a small notch will form in the neck of the tooth (when the tooth is stressed, the stress is concentrated on the neck, and the neck structure is weak and easy to wear).

Therefore, it is necessary to brush your teeth correctly, avoid “horizontal brushing”, and choose soft toothbrushes and fine toothpaste.

  1. Root caries

After middle-aged and old age, the periodontal area gradually begins to “expose” because the hardness of the periodontal area is lower than that of the crown, and the subsequent “decreased anti-caries ability”, so cavities are prone to occur. Because of its hidden location, root caries is often overlooked. Root caries only occurs when the surface of the tooth root is exposed to the oral environment.

Main causes: bacteria and dental plaque, food, and oral environment.

  • Teenagers should drink carbonated beverages as little as possible. It is inevitable to rinse your mouth immediately after drinking carbonated beverages to minimize the damage of carbonated beverages to your teeth. If there is a problem, we should see a doctor early and get treatment right away to minimize the damage to the teeth.
  • Due to improper tooth brushing method, you should first go to a professional dentist to check and confirm the diagnosis, and then solve the problem according to the relevant diagnosis, and change the brushing method.
  • If the tooth decays, that is, tooth decay, you should go to the dentist to “fill the tooth.” If there is a hole, if the nerve is not injured, the tooth can be filled. If the hole is too deep and the pulp cannot be preserved, “root canal treatment” is needed. Root canal treatment is to remove the infection in the root canal and fill the corresponding material. It is recommended to determine the specific treatment plan after diagnosis.

The dental technician technology of denture production is also important for the restoration if it needs to make porcelain teeth or zirconium restoration. The high end of dental lab products of the dental crucible, dental dowel pins, dental mandrel, zirconia dental blank, etc should be an available resource to manufacture the quality restoration.

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