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[Retainer] You don’t wear “it” for orthodontic your teeth!

What’s the use of the retainer?

Dental retainers are designed to help keep straightened teeth straight and prevent them from rebounding. The position of the newly straightened teeth is still unstable and prone to rebound. The tooth retainer helps stabilize the position of the teeth for a period of time.

If you don’t wear the dental retainer in time, or don’t wear it carefully, it is easy to show signs of a rebound, and you may need to re-correct it again, then all your previous efforts will be lost!

●How long should the retainer be worn?

There is no consensus on how long a retainer should be worn, as the severity of the abnormal bite varies from person to person, and the design of the retainer and how long it takes to wear it varies from person to person.

When the appliance is just removed, the arrangement of the teeth is very easy to change, so within half a year after the correction, you should wear the maintainer for the rest of the time except for diet and brushing. After half a year, the position of the teeth is relatively stable, you can change it to wear it when you go to bed at night.

Adult orthodontic patients or some deformities that are very prone to recurrence, such as severe torsion of teeth, interdental spaces, etc., require longer wearing times.

●What are the types of hold?

The retainer after invisible correction is different from that after traditional wire correction. After correction, there are corresponding retainers.

① lingual wire

Small and comfortable, it is fixed on the inner side of the teeth, so that the front teeth do not change and cannot be seen from the outside, which is more beautiful.

②Transparent holder

Transparent lamination molding, good appearance and comfort, but easy to damage.


The large size will affect the pronunciation to a certain extent, but the advantage is that it is strong and durable, and the self-adjustment effect on the occlusion of the posterior teeth is very obvious.

retainer type

●What should I pay attention to when wearing a retainer?

❶ Cleaning

The Harley-style retainer can be spotless with toothbrush and toothpaste every day; the lamination retainer can be rinsed with water after each meal; avoid washing with hot water to avoid deformation.

When wearing a lamination invisible retainer, try to avoid the retainer from contacting colored substances such as red wine, orange juice, plum juice, etc., otherwise, it will cause the retainer to be stained and affect the appearance of the wearing.

❷ Storage

The retainer is easy to be damaged and lost, and the retainer box is a better way to prevent damage and loss. When removing or wearing the retainer, be sure to put it in the box for safekeeping when going out, and avoid wrapping it with tissue to prevent loss.

❸ If lost or damaged

If the retainer is unfortunately lost or damaged, it is necessary to contact the doctor as soon as possible to take the impression and redo it. If the retainer is not replaced in time, the teeth are very prone to hair. In order to live up to the persistence of the orthodontic treatment and not to increase the burden on yourself, you should wear and keep the retainer well.

Choosing the suitable orthodontic retainer sheet raw materials.

There are different sizes of retainer sheets and hard/soft options, but their usage in the orthodontic application is different, purposes of provisional, retainers, splints, and bite enhancement plates.

Dental vacuum forming sheet in retainer orthodontic application
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