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international incoterm terms
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Years ago,i use the offshore bank accout to get the customer payment 100% in advance,the trade term…

watches and warnings
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crow watches and warnings

There is an old bridge over a small river in the forest.A big tree grows on the…

stupid donkey
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What is it that seems courageous but is extremely stupid

The wolf attacked the sheep and was found by the dog.The dog barked twice and swooped up.After…

how to be beautiful women
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How to make youself prettier naturally

Every woman hopes that she will stay forever and spend a lot of money on various skin…

converse marketting stratedy
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Converse successful marketing strategies examples in africa

Mr. Head is the general manager of Converse Africa.While he was thinking about how to explore the…

beauty women smile
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Smile of a beautiful woman is not just for love

Smile is a kind of instinct for people.Those children who smile soon after they are born often…

smile in life
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Essencial life with a mission

Life comes with a mission One writer says that to the universe,I am trivial; but to myself,I…

daily life philisophy
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Daily philosophy story-will this person matter in your life

In ancient times,people wanted to kill a bear and would hang a heavy piece of wood over…

drinking red win benefit
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Benefit of drinking red wine

People who drink red wine have increased intestinal microbial diversity (a sign of intestinal health) and are…

business communications
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what is feature of business of communication

What is business of communication Successful communication is an important guarantee for building a good relationship.To communicate,we…