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denture for people
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What is the best denture for the elderly? Why are dental implants not recommended?

General dentures are divided into implants, fixed dentures, and removable dentures. As the age increases, the alveolar…

scaling teeth
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What are the pros and cons of teeth scaling?

The advantage of teeth scaling is that ultrasonic waves break the calculus, and they can also cooperate…

tooth extraction model
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Tooth extraction or conservative treatment?

Of course, it is conservative treatment. After the teeth are extracted, dentures have to be installed. No…

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Temporary crowns have been worn for a month, but the roots of the abutments are discolored. What should I do with all-ceramic zirconia teeth?

The discoloration of the abutment after the root canal is normal. The tooth body loses the pulp…

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What is the truth about dental implant

What are dental implants? The development of technology has brought good news to people, such as the…

implant periodontitis
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Can patients with periodontal disease have dental implants?

What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease refers to diseases that occur in the supporting tissues of the…

gum recession
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Teeth become longer and wider…Attention! Your gums are shrinking!

Some people often unknowingly find that their teeth are getting longer and interdental gaps to appear between…

tooth is loose
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If the tooth is loose, should it be retained or pulled out?

There are “surprises” everywhere in life. For example, one day suddenly, I find that my teeth are…

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Orthodontics regret for a lifetime

Everyone hopes that they can have clean and tidy teeth. For patients with irregular teeth, orthodontics can…

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What’s wrong with the root of the tooth?

What’s wrong with rotten teeth? The oral environment is acidic (carbonated drinks) The enamel on the surface…